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Subproject J: Communications

The OSC will be generating lots of valuable information adding credibility to the science and practice of organic agriculture. The communication of these research results will be an important part of this initiative. There are three main components to the communication plan:

1. Disseminating Information for Use by Practitioners

  • Provide an online overview of Canada's Organic Science Cluster
  • Have a webpage dedicated to reporting progress and results of research associated with the OSC
  • Translate the science of the Organic Science Cluster research into extension communications for practitioners
  • Increase awareness of organic research and the OSC

2. Translation 

  • Making research results available in both official languages

3. Scientific Conferences, and communications

  • Facilitate venues for organic researchers to gather, share results, and communicate, including a national organic scienc conference being planned for late 2012 or early 2013


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