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Crannóg Ales website

Crannóg Ales - British Columbia

Owners: Brian MacIsaac & Rebecca Kneen
Products: Unfiltered, unpasteurized organic ales

Friut Shuttle Farm, British Columbia

Fruit Shuttle Farm - British Columbia

Owners: Doug and Michelle Nimchuk
Products: Fruit and Vegetables

Jerseyland Organics, British Columbia

Granby Organic Dairy & Beef - British Columbia

Owners: Ric & Vickie Llewellyn
Products: Cheese, Beef, Hay, Butter and Yogurt

Haliburton Community Organic Farm - British Columbia

Haliburton Community Organic Farm Society is a non-profit organization composed of farmers, neighbours of Haliburton Farm, educators, and community members interested in sustainable, organic agriculture.

Kootenay Organic Cheese Company.

Kootenay Alpine Cheese Company - British Columbia

Owners: Denise and Wayne Harris
Products: Organic Alpine Cheeses

Wildwood Farm, British Columbia

Wildwood Farm - British Columbia

Owners: Tim & Linda Ewert
Products: Hogs, Vegetables, Beef Cattle, Guest House and Organic Breakfast


For more information and a listing of certified organic processors in British Columbia, see COABC's Searchable Organic Directory



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