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Crocusview Farms, Kenton, Manitoba

Crocusview Farms - Manitoba

Owners: John & Carolyn Finnie
Products: Peas, Oats, Barley, Flax, Spelt, Alfalfa and Grass Forage, Hemp

Guilford's Organic Seed & Feed, Manitoba

Guilford's Organic Seed & Feed - Manitoba

Owners: Robert & Celia Guilford
Products: Forage Seed, Legumes, Buckwheat, Cereal Grain and Oilseeds

The Hicksons, Brandon, Manitoba

The Hicksons - Manitoba

Owner: Darcy Hickson - Brandon, Manitoba
Products: Barley, Fababeans and other crops

Peder Jenson, Manitoba

Peder Jenson - Manitoba

Products: Hemp, Faba beans, Soy, Millet

Neuschwander Farm, Manitoba

Neuschwander Farm - Manitoba

Owners: Agabus Neuschwander & Family
Products: Cattle, Wheat and Oats

R & A Hofford Farms

R & A Hofford Farms - Manitoba

Owners: Ryan and Amy Hofford
Products: Organic grains and forages

The Wilsons, Kenton, Manitoba

The Wilsons - Manitoba

Owner: Frances Wilson & Family - Kenton, Manitoba
Products: Cereal crops

For more information and a listing of organic processors in Manitoba, see Manitoba Food, Agriculture and Rural Initiative's Organic Directory



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