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Bay Organics

Bay Organics

Owners: David and Lynn Freeman
Products: Garlic

Edwards Holsteins

Edwards Holsteins

Owners: Maida and Jamie Edwards
Products: Organic milk

Filsinger's Organic Foods and Orchards

Filsinger's Organic Foods and Orchards

Owner: Deb Becker
Products: Apples, juice, cider and vinegar, apple butter and apple sauce

Log Cabin Orchard, Ontario

Log Cabin Orchard - Ontario

Owners: Gord and Debby Hawkes
Products: Apples and Small Fruit

Long Point Honey Co.

Long Point Honey Co.

Owner: Julie White
Products: Organic Honey

Meeting Place Organic Farm website

Meeting Place Organic Farm - Ontario

Owners: Tony & Fran McQuail
Products: Horses, Apple Butter, Apple Cider, Pork, Apples, Sheep, Lamb and Beef

Pfenning's Organic Farm - Ontario

Owner: Wolfgang Pfenning
Products: Vegetable grower, packer and shipper

Sunny Lane Farm, Ontario

Sunny Lane Farm - Ontario

Owner: Odelia Osthaus
Product: Milk


For more information and a listing of certified organic processors in Ontario, see Organic Council of Ontario's Organic Directory


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